Unleash your potential!

When using the inTune system to generate new tunes you will gain best results by following the step-by-step approach outlined below:

  1. Start by identifying the car you wish to tune, and complete any desired hardware modifications in GT5.
  2. Use inTune to generate a new tune, using the modified car specifications from step 1.
  3. Use the Aero inTune Assistant to adjust the new tune’s downforce values so that they fit within your car’s current downforce tuning limits.
  4. Remember that the transmission values you will see in the new tune are default values. You should follow your existing approach to tuning your car’s transmission within GT5. Record those values in the app if you wish.
  5. Input the tuning values in GT5 and go racing :-)

(Research is underway on a new transmission tuning assistant, so keep an eye on the website for news about future updates)
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