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inTune is the patent pending tuning process which allows you to adapt an existing tune for use on other cars in your garage. The handling characteristics of the original tune will be retained in the inTune-generated tunes. This eliminates the need to tune each car individually!

In addition to the tune generation capabilities of inTune, it also provides some powerful tuning assistants to help you adjust your tunes to suit whatever challenge you face:

Ballast inTune Assistant
  • This tuning assistant allows you to maintain the handling characteristics of your tune as you make ballast adjustments. This is particularly helpful when you need to increase the weight of a car to meet the minimum weight requirements of a seasonal event or online race. When enabled, the suspension settings will be automatically adjusted to compensate for the change in weight and weight distribution where applicable.

Aero inTune Assistant
  • This assistant allows you to make adjustments to your car’s front and rear aero settings while maintaining the ratio of front:rear downforce. This allows you to adjust your overall downforce without upsetting the handling balance of the car. It is also helpful when adjusting inTune-generated aero settings to fit within the downforce tuning limits of your car.

Spring Rate inTune Assistant
  • This tuning assistant allows you to stiffen or soften your front and rear springs simultaneously, while maintaining the overall spring rate balance of the tune. The inTune system takes into account the current weight and weight distribution of the car as you make adjustments, so that the handling balance is maintained. This can be used to great effect to easily adapt a tune for use on bumpy or level track surfaces.

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