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Welcome to the GTune 5 support section. Please see the list of frequently asked questions below. If you still need help, don’t hesitate to contact me at support@gtune5.com.

For other enquiries, please use info@gtune5.com.

Important Note for iPhone 3G/iPod Touch 2nd gen. users:

If you are experiencing a crash with the app, please make sure you are running the latest version by checking the App Store for updates. The initial app installation on older devices can sometimes install version 1.0 instead of the latest version. You will need to update again after the initial installation to get the latest version of the app. I have no idea why Apple does this :(


Does this work for drift/rally tunes?

Absolutely! GTune 5 is designed to handle all types of tunes. When you use the app to create a new tune, you get to choose the existing tune on which it should be based. So you can have multiple tunes, each with different handling characteristics and setup theories. You just choose which one you want to adapt when generating the new tune and the app will set the new car up accordingly.

The transmission settings provided by inTune are not very useful. Why?

GTune 5 does not currently provide tuning assistance for transmission settings. You might find that the transmission settings provided in GTune 5 are not suitable for your chosen track, or the GTune 5 settings may not even fit within your car’s gear ratio tuning limits. A powerful new transmission tuning feature is planned for a future update. Until then, you should continue to tune your transmission outside of GTune 5 and use the app to record the settings if you wish. The transmission settings currently have no impact on the inTune system so don’t feel obliged to record them in the app.

If I understand it right, the app doesn't actually create a tune. Its function is to log, copy and amend tunes.

Not exactly. Once you have one or more tunes stored in the app, it can create more tunes for you, based on an existing tune of your choice. The app comes with three sample tunes to help you get started, so you can start generating tunes right away if you like. If you don't like the sample tunes that are included, you can delete them and enter your own.

Why is there no sample tune for MR (Mid-Engine RWD) cars?

There is….well sort of smile. Since the app factors in a vehicle’s weight and weight distribution when generating tunes, you can use any RWD tune to generate a new tune for any other RWD car. So you can use the provided sample tune for the Toyota 86 GT ’12 as the basis for generating tunes on MR cars.

Where’s my car?

Version 1.0 of the app launched with support for premium and DLC cars only, but as promised the list of supported standard cars has been growing quickly. Version 1.04 now supports ALL CARS in GT5. Make sure you are running the latest version of the app by checking the App Store for updates.

OK, but I have a premium car that is still not supported. What am I missing?

You may have a launch bonus car or a prize car in your garage which was not available on my system. If so, please contact me at cars@gtune5.com and I will make it a priority to add the necessary support. I will probably ask you to share the car online so I can gather the data I need to include it in the app.

The downforce values specified in my inTune-generated tune do not fit my car’s tuning limits. What should I do?

GTune 5 does not currently understand the aero tuning limits associated with the various aero kit options for each car. A decision was made early in the app’s development to exclude that data as it would have added complexity to the user experience by requiring the user to specify the various aero items installed on the car. I am open to your input on that decision so please contact me if you feel strongly about it and I may reconsider. Thanks to the Aero inTune Assistant however, it is a simple task to adjust a tune’s aero settings to fit within your car’s tuning limits. Please see Best Practices for more info.

Why are the torque units in lb-ft and not kg-m ?

I am working on a settings update which will allow you to select your preferred torque units. Stay tuned for a fix in a future update.

Is this app available for Android?

Not yet. When I have completed the standard car support and the additional features I have planned for the iOS version, I hope to begin work on an Android app. To be completely honest - that will take quite some time. Sorry.

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